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Can I just walk in with my friends and play?

Yes, Walk-in visits are always welcome!

Do you have birthday parties?

Yes, we have birthday parties! 

What is the age limit to play at Play Today?

There is no minimum age to play at Play Today.

What are the requirements to play at Play Today?

• Each player must have a Signed Liability Waiver to play in the arena. Children under 18 must have a signed waiver by their parent or legal guardian.

• Every player must wear shoes.

• Safety Rules must be followed.

How do I play Dart Tag games?

Every player will collect their blaster and goggles. Players will receive instructions on how to play and given rules of the game. During the games, Referees will be in the arena to ensure everyone understands each game and are following the rules.

What blasters do you have?

Every player will have a choice of a basic blaster with each hour of game play. You can also rent other blasters for an additional cost available in the Armory.

Can I bring my own blaster?

YES YOU CAN! Leave your darts at home as we will provide that for your blaster. We do not provide disc ammo only blasters that hold darts. Certain blasters will not be allowed (see below).

Do you have Banned Blasters?

Yes we do as a result of several factors:

• We do not offer blasters that shoot discs.

• Through testing blasters on a regular basis we have found that certain ones tend to jam or are not easy to load.

• Player-owned blasters that have been modified often create an unfriendly game and will not be allowed.

Banned Blasters:

• All Disc blasters

• Centurion

• Crossbolt

• Fusefire

• Recon XD

• Raider

• Rampage

• Stampede

• Slingfire

What do I have to wear to play?

Play Today recommends that you wear active wear as you will be running and jumping and ducking and hiding. All players must wear shoes. No bare feet!

Can I bring in outside food or drink?

Yes outside food is allowed but you must reserve a table and pay a cleaning fee of $5.00

Do you have to have a group or team to play?

Play Today is open to single players, groups, or team play.

What is the maximum number of people to play each hour?

Total maximum capacity for both arenas is 30 players each hour.

Can my organization do a fundraiser at Play Today?

Part of giving back to the community is helping organizations raise funds for their cause. 

Do I need a reservation to play?

Seating is limited. So, reservations are best but all walk-ins are welcome!